For the past 18 years renowned hair stylist Sylvia Koerber has been wowing her clients with her talent in Cape Town. Born in South Africa, Sylvia moved to Hamburg (Germany) 4 years ago. Starting off in hairdressing Sylvia always knew she would move into a more creative direction. Since in Germany Sylvia has assisted some of the best hair and make-up artists.


She is constantly researching and experimenting. This combined with her continued passion for her art, it is not surprising that Sylvia's portfolio continues to grow. Optimistic by nature, she is a true team player who takes inspiration from her collaborative environment.


Sylvia is identified by her clients as fresh and focused, passionate and unruffled. She applies an overriding principle to all her work, cutting edge or conservative, strong or natural. Sylvia's signature look embraces a powerful eye, clean skin and groomed brows with an impression of harmony of line and definition.


SYLVIA KOERBER is based in Hamburg




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